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An Open Dialogue on Open Source

Open Source North (OSN) is a Twin Cities tech conference that brings enterprise developers and industry experts together to learn, share, and connect. We’re all about Open Source technologies emerging within the enterprise community. OSN is a great way to meet, mingle, and mix with other Open Source leaders. Join the group this June!

  • Thursday, June 8, 2017

    Kopp Student Center/Normandale Community College
    9700 France Ave S, Bloomington, MN 55431

    Map + Directions

    From the North

    Take MN-100 South
    Continue on County Hwy 34 S/Normandale Blvd
    Turn left on 98th Street
    Turn left on Collegeville Road
    Kopp Student Center is ahead on your right.

    From the South

    Take I-35W North
    Take exit 6 for 98th Street/County Hwy 1
    At end of exit ramp, turn left
    Move to the right lane to stay on 98th Street
    Proceed west past France Avenue
    Turn left on Collegeville Road
    Kopp Student Center is ahead on your right.

    From the East

    Take I-494 West
    Take France Avenue exit
    At end of exit ramp, turn left
    Proceed south to 98th Street
    Turn right onto 98th Street
    Turn right on Collegeville Road
    Kopp Student Center is ahead on your right.

    From the West

    Take I-494 East
    Take France Avenue exit
    At end of exit ramp, turn right
    Proceed south to 98th Street
    Turn right onto 98th Street
    Turn right on Collegeville Road
    Kopp Student Center is ahead on your right.

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    Need hotel accommodations? We have a block of rooms reserved at the Crowne Plaza Bloomington. Use the link below to book using OSN’s group rate.

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Featured Speaker

Bryant Noice

Senior Director, EA Target

Bryant spent 12 years as a developer, and 8 as an architect, working on pragmatic solutions to big problems. H

Featured Speaker

Keith Resar

Solutions Architect Red Hat

Keith Resar is a Solutions Architect for Red Hat and a regular Open Source contributor. He's consulted with do

Featured Speaker

Damodar Chetty

Architect US Bank

Damodar is an educator, software engineer and life-long student who has spent the last three decades architect

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Expand your knowledge with expert speakers and friendly discussions on open source enterprise technologies and solutions.

“Must be a good week if I’m looking for the secret human cloning machine again to attend multiple sessions at #OSN2016.”

— @davidtc

"A great local conference with presentations that are technically deep and relevant."

— OSN 2016 Attendee

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Featured Speaker

Gabrielle Crevecoeur

Technical Evangelist Microsoft

Gabrielle Crevecoeur is a technical evangelist at Microsoft specializing in open source development. Her curre

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Form connections in the open source community and rub shoulders with industry leaders, sponsors and local meetups.

Featured Speaker

Austin Zellner

Solutions Architect MongoDB

Prior to a career in sales engineering, Austin had worked for many years in a mixed SQL / NoSQL environment. H

Featured Speaker

Steven Hicks

Developer Centare

Steven Hicks is a full-stack web developer with almost 20 years of experience. He believes in clean, readable,

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Kibitz and network at a free on-site happy hour following the conference. (And yes, people actually stay until the end. It’s that good.)

“OSN just keeps getting better.”

— OSN 2016 Attendee

Open Prizes

Last year’s door prizes included a MacBook Pro, a Microsoft Surface Pro, an Amazon Echo, an Apple Watch and a SmartThings Kit. We know how to bring the fun.

“Thanks so much to everyone at @OpenSourceNorth for such an amazing event. Already looking forward to next year!”

— @CassandraDanger
Featured Speaker

Matt Milner

Chief Everything Officer M3 Technology Partners Inc.

Matt is an independent consultant specializing in web and cloud application development. As a writer Matt has



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Welcome/Opening Remarks


  • P0808

    Practical Forms with React and Mobx

    Matt Ruby

    Web Developer

    Room & Board

    Have you tried building forms with React? Wrangling all the html attributes and keeping everything synced up leaving you wishing for the good old jQuery days? Well, I'm going to show you a few practical ways to build stateless, maintainable and performant forms the "React" way. We'll go through a simple model driven approach that accounts for input validation, suggestions and async form submission... Read More


    Inner Source In a Big Company: How Not to Suck

    Bryant Noice

    Senior Director, EA


    Target has embraced open source and inner source as the logical development model for a product-based company. We've contributed some things externally, and have dove head-first into the uncertain world of inner source. This topic will cover a little bit of what inner source is, how Target approached it, some successful (and not so successful) projects, and the need for an open source focus in mod... Read More

    Garden Room

    Learning Docker and Kubernetes with OpenShift

    Keith Resar

    Solutions Architect

    Red Hat

    Everyone's heard about Docker and how it's going to solve all of our problems, or not. In this session, we'll walk you through using Docker and discuss why using a scheduler and orchestration system is important. Then we'll dive into actual usage of the container application platform, OpenShift Origin, to show how it makes both Docker and Kubernetes accessible to the average human being. We'll kee... Read More


    Approaching WebAssembly

    Dan Callahan

    Staff Software Engineer


    WebAssembly is a new, low-level alternative to JavaScript on the Web and supported by all major browsers. With its debut in March this year, WebAssembly promises to shatter the performance and code re-use barriers between the Web and "native" platforms. In addition to a demonstration of compiling unmodified C/C++ libraries to the Web, this session will answer: 1. What is WebAssembly? 2. What neces... Read More


    Our Web Application Journey

    Nater Jorde

    Senior Web Software Engineer


    Over the past year, Code42 has begun to implement a variety of changes to our web application development. These changes include: Switching all new development to use React; Writing all new web apps in TypeScript; Utilizing a single UI library; Improving our continuous development environment; Expanding our automated testing practices; This talk will cover each area in three parts; what we tried,... Read More


    Next Generation Version Control

    Kevin Bullock

    Senior Application Architect

    Software for Good

    Distributed version control systems (DVCS) like Mercurial and, in particular, Git, have become a standard part of the developer toolkit over the past decade. They are an evolutionary leap beyond the systems that preceded them, but they have limitations when used in unique software environments. Software for Good’s Kevin Bullock will look at how distributed version control is evolving at compani... Read More


  • Garden Room

    Building Shiny Web Apps with TypeScript and Angular 2

    Dustin Ewers

    Software Consultant


    From humble beginnings, JavaScript has gone from a hastily thrown together language for web pages to a hastily thrown together language that runs everywhere. If you can do it with code, you can probably do it in JavaScript. It's the Swiss Army Knife of programming languages. Unfortunately, JavaScript wasn't designed for the large scale apps we use it in today. We've had to rely on design patterns... Read More


    Speed vs. Speed to Market

    Jeremy Wagner

    Senior App Developer

    General Mills

    Performance is often glossed over in project planning. As such, many sites are already sluggish when they hit production. This is often because speed to market wins out over speed itself. In this session, you'll learn how to be an advocate for performance early on in the game. You'll also learn how to measure performance throughout development, and use modern tooling to optimize as you code. ABSTR... Read More


    Using AWS Lambda to Create Weather GIFs

    Edan Schwartz

    Software Engineer


    Seth Miller

    Software Engineer


    We will perform a live demo using AWS Lambda to generate animated weather maps from AerisWeather data. This talk will go a step beyond the basic "Hello World" Lambda demonstration, and dive into some of the real-world challenges that you may run into with Lambda: "How do I logically organize my code? How do I maintain state in a "stateless" environment'? How do I define data transformation pipel... Read More


    Web Application Vulnerability Testing with OWASP’s ZAP and Webgoat

    Damodar Chetty


    US Bank

    OWASP's ZAP is an amazingly full featured web hacking toolkit - combining an intercepting proxy with HTTPS support, spidering, as well as passive and active vulnerability scanning capabilities. It also has a great pedigree - it is a flagship project of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) and started life as a fork of the Paros proxy. And the best part is that unlike its competition, ... Read More


    Visualizing Boundaries with Microservices

    Joel Tosi

    Playing Coach


    How do you embrace cloud and microservices and not risk getting into different failure scenarios or overly complicated maintenance and ripple effects? In this session we will walk through visualizations that help teams blend product thinking with architecture. Along the way, we will look at microservices and domain modeling as well as chaos engineering and fault tolerance - blending all of these i... Read More


    Open Source Automation in a .NET World

    Troy Walsh

    Practice Lead


    Over the last couple of years, open source tools have all but taken over the test automation world. Gone are the days of large companies instancing on QTP or CodedUI, because they are not sure about that open source thing. Now is the age of open source automation. In this talk, Troy Walsh will share his experience working in the open source world as a .Net Automation Architect as well as the Pros ... Read More




  • P0806

    Getting to Know Atomic Design

    Adam Bezemek

    Senior Front-End Developer


    Atomic design is a methodology composed of five distinct stages working together to create interface design systems in a more deliberate and hierarchical manner. We'll be getting to know the methodology and how to use it along side your web apps. Read More

    Garden Room

    Level Up from Hardware Noob to Hardware Node

    Gabrielle Crevecoeur

    Technical Evangelist


    Go one step beyond the browser and leverage your existing JavaScript skills to explore the possibilities of hardware. Do you have an Arduino gathering dust, just waiting for an application beyond the hello world of blinking an LED? It’s time to take that hardware off the shelf, and learn how to create interactive experiences in the physical world. This session will explore how to utilize the pop... Read More


    Computers are Easy; People are Hard

    Bridget Kromhout

    Principal Technologist


    Designing distributed systems means considering failure scenarios—both likely and less so. Will the network let you down? (Almost assuredly.) Will some portion of your IaaS misbehave? (Have you met computers?) We build in graceful degradation for much of our automation but often neglect the (just-as-essential) human interactions. The classic “hard problems” of cache invalidation and naming t... Read More


    TDD on a Deadline

    Allison Knauss

    Senior Software Engineer

    The Nerdery

    Test-driven development is often presented in an idealized form that can turn away a busy developer. But it also offers tantalizing code quality and maintenance benefits if only it can be made to provide the most value for your time. In this presentation, we will use an implementation of Conway's Game of Life in Kotlin to explore a production-tested approach to TDD that lets you capitalize on its ... Read More


    Ada to Zuckerberg

    Caroline Karanja


    26 Letters

    Although women like Ada Lovelace and Grace Hopper pioneered computer programming, today's tech culture often excludes or overlooks women. This talk will look at the the cultural and societal understanding of who does computing and programming, examine how visual and cultural norms affect our individual identities in tech, and brainstorm strategies that address the root causes of tech’s diversity... Read More


    Everything Documentation

    David Leppik

    Principal Software Engineer

    Vocal Laboratories, Inc.

    Code is documentation. Tests are documentation. {Java|Scala|JS}Doc is documentation. If everything is documentation, how does it all fit together? As languages become more declarative, software engineering has gone from telling computers what to do to negotiating agreements between humans and machines. This talk will introduce the idea of Annotation-Based Testing and EgTest, one new tool for combi... Read More


  • P0806

    Falling in Love with PostCSS

    Lauren Beatty

    Software Consultant

    Fishbowl Solutions

    PostCSS is a JavaScript plugin ecosystem enabling us to do amazing things with CSS. Maintained by 100s of open source contributors, PostCSS makes working with CSS fun again by helping ease some of the major pain points. Autoprefixer plugin? Check. Using future CSS today? Check. Using Sass features? Check. Grid layout? Check. Have a CSS problem you're itching to solve? Contribute and build your own... Read More

    Garden Room

    Liven Up With Logic Apps

    Gabrielle Crevecoeur

    Technical Evangelist


    Complicated workflows getting you down? Well get ready to liven things up with Logic Apps. Create your workflows by doing LESS work and partaking in more "fun".Logic Apps provide a great way to simplify and implement scalable integrations and workflows in the cloud. Using a visual designer, Logic Apps allow you to implement workflows, connect with APIs and access several cloud tools at the click o... Read More


    Embracing Remote

    Sarah Olson

    iOS Senior Software Engineer


    Many companies are struggling to find local talent. They need to look beyond their local workforce, but don't know how to manage remote workers. I'll talk about my experiences as a part-time and full-time remote employee and how workplace culture is the number one factor for success. Find out what makes a remote-friendly culture work. Read More


    Winning Spinnaker with Winnaker

    Medya Ghazizadeh

    Senior Cloud Engineer


    Learn how Target developed Winnaker, a testing and auditing tool for Spinnaker, to deliver immutable infrastructure for the cloud. Read More


    Build a Better Boss

    John Kelly

    Director of Software Engineering

    SPS Commerce

    In this talk we’ll talk about how to build yourself a better job by building yourself a better boss. Make your job better by connecting with why you love technology, and making your boss love it the same way you do. Read More


    Contextual User Testing: The Scientific Method for Software

    Andrew Gruhn

    Solutions Architect


    The sciences are each built upon the scientific method: create a hypothesis, and design a test to see if that hypothesis is supported by real data. As engineers devoted to computer science, how many of us continue to apply the scientific method to our work? This presentation will start by taking a close look at some techniques for User Testing and Validation on a shoestring budget, and how ... Read More


  • P0808

    A First View of Vue.js

    Vince Bullinger


    Liberty Consulting Services

    Do you like the idea of React—with its focus on being small and performant as well as a virtual DOM that quickly renders modified components—but don't want to abandon the friendly atmosphere of Angular's MVVM? Then say hello to Vue.js! In this session, we will go over Vue.js, how it compares to other popular JavaScript frameworks and round it out with some slick demos to show off Vue's abiliti... Read More


    Uff-Da! Open Source is Serious Business!

    Jenn Sramek

    Senior Partner Delivery Manager


    Robert Huffstedtler

    ICF Olson

    As Open Source projects increase in size and complexity, early adopting Open Source companies or agencies become their champions, supporting enablement and delivery, and as partners in their clients’ projects. Broader adoption means more and faster improvement of the platform. We’ll share technical and management observations from more than 10 years in growing PS companies in a thriving Open S... Read More

    Garden Room

    Structure and Opinions – Software Deployment with Cloud Foundry

    Andrew Ripka

    Platform Architect


    Cloud Foundry is sometimes referred to as a "structured" platform or an "opinionated" platform. In this presentation we will do a quick intro to PaaS and Cloud Foundry, and what the meanings of structured and opinionated platforms. We’ll then explore the structure of Cloud Foundry that allows you to utilize pre built opinions, or express your own. The discussion will include specific examples il... Read More


    MongoDB Enterprise Design Patterns

    Matt Kalan

    Principal Solution Architect


    Approaching a document database at enterprise scale requires thinking differently about how to design your schema, how you setup your architecture, and how you structure your code. This talk will lay down a set of patterns that developers and architects can leverage as a guide for their enterprise project implementations. Read More


    Creating an Alexa Skill With AWS Lambda

    Tim Rayburn

    VP of Consulting

    Improving Enterprises

    Amazon's Alexa platform is taking the world by storm, helping empower smart homes around the world. But what many developers may not realize is that this is not a closed platform, in fact it has a thriving marketplace for programs, or Skills as Amazon calls them. This talk will walk you through the process of creating a simple Skill for Alexa, and deploying into AWS Lambda. Working copies of the c... Read More


    UI Test Kitchen

    Jay Landro

    UI Engineer


    UI Testing has historically been a daunting and fragile experience. Declarative UI structures and advancements in the JavaScript language itself are bringing about rapid radical approaches to UI testing guaranteed to boost productivity and delight clients. Read More


  • P0806

    Live Code: 2 Player Game of Pigs in a Pen

    Justin Perinovic

    Senior Consultant

    Object Partners

    React is a powerful rendering tool well-suited to the rapid development of interaction-heavy functionalities. To demonstrate that, we will have a bit of fun by creating a 2-player game of “Pigs in a Pen” using React and Redux. We will start with some simple boilerplate and bring the project to completion by exploring key React/Redux concepts while writing real code live, on the spot. This talk... Read More

    Garden Room

    The Static Web Revolution

    Steven Hicks



    The web is changing. For years it has been built on frameworks that run on the server. These dynamic back-ends give you the ability to do many things, but they come with a price - complexity, performance, and security. But static websites are back. Static websites have no back-end and are simply HTML, but the modern tools for building them are remarkable. In this session, we'll survey the landscap... Read More


    Serverless Computing on Azure with Logic Apps and Functions

    Matt Milner

    Chief Everything Officer

    M3 Technology Partners Inc.

    Cloud computing promises to simplify your development by removing the concerns of physical computers from your process. Despite that, most cloud solutions use virtual machines or some form of server instances that you manage and scale. “Serverless” solutions provide true computing without any concerns about “instances”. Azure Logic Apps provide workflow and integration capabilities focused... Read More


    Liferay 7—Modern UIs and Modularity

    Jamie Sammons

    Developer Advocate


    The purpose of this talk is to demonstrate creating a simple application by combining a μServices backend with a ReactJS front end using Liferay 7’s new modular architecture. Liferay 7 has shifted from being a single monolithic application to being composed using a series of modules. Using this combination along with the platforms service layer it’s easy to build a simple interactive applicat... Read More


    Practical Ansible Automation Best Practices for Startups to Enterprises

    Keith Resar

    Solutions Architect

    Red Hat

    Ansible is the Swiss Army knife of DevOps, capable of handling many powerful automation tasks with the flexibility to adapt to many environments and workflows. Not all approaches are created equally, though. Don't let yours undermine the simplicity and power of Ansible. Based on actual experiences helping Ansible users, we'll show you what to do, and what not to do, to create the most reliable, re... Read More


    Log Analytics with the Elastic Stack

    Michael Heldebrant

    Solutions Architect


    How to build an end to end platform for log and metrics analytics with the Elastic Stack, sending data with Beats, processing with Logstash and Elasticsearch Ingest node, storage and queries with Elasticsearch, and visualizations with Kibana. Read More


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