Open Source North

Call for Speakers

Interested in speaking at #osn2023? We want to hear from you!

#osn2023 is looking for speakers! We are open to all sorts of open source, enterprise application presentation topics.

Development languages and tools, Cloud, DevOps, Security, Design, Usability, Delivery, Testing, Open Source Projects, and anything else you think the OSN Community may be interested in.

Speaker selection will be done in two rounds. The deadlines for submittal for the two rounds are January 27, 2023, and February 17, 2023. To be considered in both rounds, please submit by January 27.

Request to Speak

Presentations will all be in-person and 40 minutes.

About You

Is this talk being submitted/given prior to OSN?

Will you have additional presenters?

Will you be seeking travel reimbursement?

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