Call for Speaker Topics

We are OPEN to a variety of Enterprise Application Development topics. Here are a few to consider:

Front End

– Development tools, Frameworks, State Management, Browser API’s, Accessibility, Performance Optimization, Architecture, Languages, Behavior Monitoring, Testing Libraries

Back End

– Architecture, Languages, Integration & Services tools, Enterprise Application Platforms, Distributed Platforms, Microservices, Messaging, Frameworks


– AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Benefits/Risks/Costs, Containers & Container Management, Cloud Ops, Serverless


– Big Data, Analytics, Visualization, Machine Learning/AI, Platform Administration, Architecture, Databases


– Build and Deployment Tools, CI/CD, Configuration, Code Coverage, Pipeline Monitoring


– Agile, Scrum, Leadership, Metrics


– OWASP, Ransomware, Best Practices, Cloud Security, Application Security, Container Security, Security Testing, Identity Management, Blockchain

Testing & Performance

– Testing Tools, APM, Automation, Performance Testing & Tuning

Open Source Projects

– How-to, Case Studies, Definition, Ethics

Open & Other

– Ideation, Career Development, IoT APIs